[Album] Team H – I Just Wanna Have Fun (Taiwan Version)

Jang Keun Suk and his DJ friend Big Brother are back as Team H in their second album I Just Wanna Have Fun. The album’s 12 tracks continue the group’s unique party-ready blend of electronic, hip-hop and rock. Other than new songs like the titular I Just Wanna Have Fun, the album also includes remixes and remastered songs. Have some fun with Team H!

Check out the track below!:

01 - I just wanna have fun.m4a
02 - Feel the beat (Chinese ver.).m4a
03 - Party tonight (feat. Stephanie).m4a
04 - Rock and roll tonight.m4a
05 - What is your name.m4a
06 - Liquor shot.m4a
07 - Welcome to my world.m4a
08 - Beautiful change.m4a
09 - The Time.m4a
10 - Can't stop (Remastered Version).m4a

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Team H – I just wanna have fun (Taiwan Version)

Release Date: 2013-02-20

Genre: Dance Pop

Language: Korean

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